Trade More, Tariff Less, Support Ethanol

Jim is a corn and soybean farmer in Southeast North Dakota.  He graduated from NDSU with an engineering degree, and after 4 years of military service, returned home to help continue and build a successful family farm operation.  He is currently serving his 7th term in the ND State Senate, where he has championed state policies that restrain the growth of property taxes.  His interim committees are Agriculture, Tax, and Energy, and he is a member of the Advisory Committee on The Legacy Fund.  In 2015 he was awarded "Legislator of the Year" by the ND Township Officers Association.

As ND Agriculture Commissioner his priority would be to represent all grain and livestock producers across our state.   This would include serving as an advocate for these producers and facilitator of the practices they need to be successful.  He would push policymakers toward more trade, less tariffs, and support for ethanol.

Farmers and ranchers need buyers of their products.  Hard won markets need to be defended. Our customers are valuable and they need to be respected as trading partners.  If they find other suppliers, it may be difficult to get them back. As Agriculture Commissioner, Jim Dotzenrod would be a clear voice, defending our trade relationships, opposing tariffs, and supporting a strong ethanol industry.